Why are there no spiders in the Wizard of Oz?

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I would hurry to the kitchen
with pedipalps a-twitching,
to see what I could get.
And when there I would eat all
the insides of every beetle,
if I had a spinnerette.

And that's only the beginning;
it sets my head a-spinning
to see them in my net.
To the edge I would scarper
where I'd pluck it like a harper
if I had a spinnerette.

Oh, I could catch the fly
that ventured near my web,
then another as the hunger starts to ebb.
I'd be an arthropod celeb.

And I'd tell the tale with recaps
from more than seven kneecaps
to everyone I met.
And I'd be the provider
of a web for every spider
if I had a spinnerette.

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Yvonne Brunton

Sun 30th Dec 2012 19:13

Ah a touch of levity about a somewhat touchy creature. nice one.

tony sheridan

Tue 25th Dec 2012 19:20

Nice one! Take care, Tony.

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