Imaginary Conversations

What makes you think you can...

How do you think I feel...

That's total crap.

Who do you think you are...

This isn't getting us anywhere...

That'll never work.


Listen to yourself


You're missing the point...

This can't go on...

People are saying.

You're out of order...

We've got to get the story straight...

It just didn't happen that way.


Just listen.

You're missing the point.


You don't care, do you...

How do you think they feel...

That's nonsense.

You really don't know, do you...

I can't stand it any more...

The dust has got to settle.


Shut up, just shut up for once,

just shut up and listen.


You've never ever...

I would swear on the Bible...

This can't carry on.

You must believe..

I was there, I heard her...

That's so unfair.


You're missing the point.

Just listen

to the point

you're missing.


Back off...

I cried tears...

Mother would never...

You just do your own thing...

I'm always having to sort out your messes...

How many times have I heard that before?


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Mon 19th Nov 2012 14:48

Intriguing - I'd love to know the inspiration for writing a poem like this. This is definitely adult argy bargying, but for some reason I'm tempted to stick an 'It's not fair' in there - we can all behave like kids at times, can't we? :)

Great idea for a poem, which I hope isn't based on your current real life :))

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Julian (Admin)

Sun 18th Nov 2012 13:31

Each line would be a grand starter line for a poem in its own right. Clever idea, Dave.

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Sun 18th Nov 2012 12:16

Good one - punches us all right between the eyes. A great 'list' poem, as they say.

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Graham Sherwood

Sat 17th Nov 2012 21:33

Like standing in a crowded space. Well knit snippets. Unusually clever stuff. Well done!

darren thomas

Sat 17th Nov 2012 12:08

It's sounds like a list of argumentative clichés and what with 'we've got to get the story straight' - were you ever in the police!?

Not sure why this resonates so much with me - maybe I've had all those statements balled at me at one time or another.

darren thomas

Sat 17th Nov 2012 10:29

I'm intrigued by this one Dave. Gonna get my snorkel on and have a swim through its corals...

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