The decision to develop the H-bomb

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We just wrote our report

and then went home,

and left the field to others.

That was a mistake.

If we hadn't done that,

history might have been different.


Our report might have been different.

The field might have been different.

Others might have been different

History might have been different.

Going home was a mistake.

Home is where the heart is.

The others didn't go home


The first six lines are a direct quote from Dr. Rabi, a member of the USA's General Advisory Committee to the Atomic Energy Commission, at the time the decision was taken.

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Tue 13th Nov 2012 21:42

This poem is haunting me now.

We went home
and left the field to others.

How eerie is that?

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Tue 13th Nov 2012 21:31

A powerful poem. The H bomb and all its implications...

In the wake of all the remembrance ceremonies, I am reminded of how massive world wars and loss of life has been reduced by the H bomb. There is some irony in that.

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Tue 13th Nov 2012 21:28

I liked the first 6 lines :)

I'm not trying to be cheeky or anything - they just stood out to me. The cleverness is in picking them out of a report and using them as part of a poem.

I do think the second verse needs working on but I disagree with Steve. I would delete the first 4 lines of the second verse and end with:-

Going home was a mistake.
Home is where the heart is.
The others didn't go home

In fact I'd play around with those 3 lines - get rid of the 'home is where the heart is' cos that's cheesy. Replace it with something more simple but hard hitting and end with the line you ended on :)

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Anthony Emmerson

Mon 5th Nov 2012 12:34

Hmmm . . . another one for a big ponder Dave. There's no doubt that history would have been different - but for the better - or worse?


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Dave Bradley

Mon 5th Nov 2012 10:46

Aaaaargh! The last line is the whole point! The people pushing for development of the H-bomb didn't 'go home' i.e. they went to great lengths to secure what they wanted. This is of wide application - how does change happen in our world?

Thanks for commenting anyway Steve - always appreciated, always interesting, often provocative.

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