Sentono la Pietra

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Do not be my echo only to fade.

Do not be my mirror then turn away

leaving me staring at the wall.

Do not write between my lines

then stop.

Leaving them blank again.

Do not shine a torch into the dark

and hold my hand, only to let it fall.

Rather let me walk on alone,

feeling the stone with my outstretched fingers.

D.E.J. June '08



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Chris Dawson

Wed 31st Dec 2008 12:53

Ci non era confusione, soltanto meraviglia! :-)
Nuovo anno felice.

Deborah Jordan

Wed 31st Dec 2008 12:46

thanks Chris, for your comment.
il titolo in italiano? qualcosa di puramente personale, è l'unico potrebbe essere, mi spiace se io crea confusione.

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Chris Dawson

Wed 31st Dec 2008 00:14

Mi piace molto questo, ma non capisco perché il titolo e in italiano.

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