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Poetic Glycerin Suppositorie

this creative mental block
is in need of movement
perhaps a fig roll,
dunked in prune juice, improvement.
an IBS of the page I have today
an irritable rage of frustration.
cant get the words out.
cant get the mood right.
cant use the usual newspaper,
first thing in the morning, ritual,right
of passage
were are the verbs?
why this cabbage for brain.
who strained me in a luke warm,
colander again.
all stuck.
all jammed.
all crammed in one emotional place
tied together with a u-bend shoelace
of a stutter.

its just so frustrating

anyone else for creative block suppository?
im thinking of having a party
for them
like tupperware.
all bunged up poets could join the club
when they too plug up.
rather than purchase a bright orange, clipseal cup
you could nudge a rubber bullet
into the gullet ,where the words reside

and who knows what shall pour onto page
finally reside on paper
something worthwhile

Just don't do a doctor hilary edmund thingy whatever her name is
and go poking around for too long
disecting things
the first take is usually the best

don't you think?

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clarissa mckone

Tue 23rd Dec 2008 05:42

well no thanks, but do you really think you have to write every day? If I cant get the words out, it may mean I have nothing to say. Dont be so hard on yourself, you can take days off from poetry,its not written in blood that you must write.I agree with carol, you have just made history, with "verbal irrigation" lol!

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Sun 21st Dec 2008 23:01

i think you just cleared your own blockage there pete . verbal irrigation

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