It's *My* Games

I am British and I'm saying it out loud.

Once more, I’m British, and oddly I’m quite proud.

The dumpy dignity of her Majesty the Queen,

The shared anxiety seeing Zoe lift it clean.

Can our Manxman Cav be the first to cross the line.

And what colour will Becs’s swimming medal shine?

The lovely Lizzie lifted my spirits to the sky,

with tears of gladness when we both began to cry.

Daniel Craig, you eclipsed even Mr Bean,

but following the flagbearers I now yearn to be Fijian.

Ah, the Olympics, I’m glad you came to town,

Parrying kicks and epics til the final sun goes down.

WOL Olympic Competition

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Larisa Rzhepishevska

Mon 30th Jul 2012 15:36

Hi, Alison! Love this poem so much, every line of it. It's really nice to be proud of your country. Best wishes and good luck to you and to all British. Hugs. Larisa

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