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British Gas


British Gas a vulture at large,

Have brought in a ludicrous new charge.

If you have a meter on your site,

They charge you nearly £200 per annum,thats not right !

This charge definately does stink,

Completely unjustified ,they need to rethink.

I've used no gas for a long long spell,

Hence this boiler of fury I do dispel.

Every quarter I get their bill,

When the meter reading is always nil.


Is it moral to make £1.9 million a day gain?

When the whole nation is suffering financial pain.

Obscene salaries and bonus' for the fat cats,

Bigger bills landing on our front door mats.

Quick to pass on rising wholesale costs to all.

Slow to drop prices when their costs fall.


Funny how customer complaints are rising really fast,

Funny how the customer always comes last.

Funny how the regulator of the industry is always powerless,

Funny how the old and poor are always in a mess.

Funny how the government takes a cut in what they make,

Funny how more money from us British Gas do take.


British Gas can wreck our world,

As higher prices they have unfurled.

British Gas could become our old flame,

When we pass our accounts to a cheaper name.


◄ Mildred

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