The Queen's helicopter parachute jump

The Queen's helicopter parachute jump


I wonder what the rest of the world will think,

How far will their opinion of our Olympic ceremony sink.

So much going on hard to pick up on the screen,

A jumble of ideas,a thousand stories,transmitting what has been.

Personally,most of the time I was rigidly bored,

Like watching a football match when no-one has scored.

The commentary was awful,a truly bad show,

Until the Queen jumped from a helicopter and stole the show.

The monarch appeared as head of state,

Her acting debut was awesome and great.

Overall the ceremony was a damp squib with no bang,

Saved by a majestic performance from which our memories will hang.

Bring on the joy of winning the medals,

By running ,jumping and pressing the pedals.




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Tommy Carroll

Tue 7th Aug 2012 13:59

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• Michael Gove agreed sales despite pledge to protect pitches
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