Gentlemen,please take a seat

Gentlemen,please take a seat


Gentlemen pee from way up high,

The toilet floor is never dry.

Slippery,slimy and full of germs,

Splashing everywhere with their spouting worms.

A manly thing to be one of the boys,

Is to pee up high and make much noise.

In Swedn a sign reads on a lavatory door,

"Please don't pee on the toilet floor."

A council is considering to regulate,

To get men to sit as they urinate.

Men pee by sound and not by sight,

Have difficulty in getting their aim just right.

They frequently know when they are off track,

Whoosh ! Much  to late to get it back.

Men should learn to improve their aim,

Win  a  gold medal,carry an Olympic flame.

Further away the target ,the more difficult it is to hit,

Its far more hygienic and comfortable to pee and sit.

Cuts down the chance of prostrate cancer,

To sit down and pee is definitely the answer.






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