Protect the swan

The swan placid and silent along the canal sails,

Stopping now and then eating plants,worms and snails.

Moves along majestically with his Mrs.

But when he is angry hear how he hisses.


The male and female normally mate for life,

He finds the nesting place leaves the building to his wife.Ha

Swan's nests can be up to four meters wide,

Built of reeds and rushes near the waterside.


The female lays seven eggs between April and May,

Swans are protected by the Queen,so are the eggs they lay.

Their main threats come from overhead power lines,

Discarded hooks and nylon fishing lines.


They make their nests in shallow areas of river beds,

Diving for fish,frogs and worms with their long  necks and heads.

In freezing weather when they have little to eat,

Feed them lettuce,potatoes and plenty of wheat.



Food should be thrown in the water not on the banks,

Keeping them safe,for which the Queen sends her thanks.

To see a swan is beautiful and fills my heart with joy,

They were put there for us,both to protect and to enjoy.


White flying flames warming up the sky,

Slicing through the water pleasing to the eye.

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