Asperger Poetry

Hi folks, this rounds off my selection of poetry for this year. This closes on the subject of Asperger's Syndrome, which I have suffered from (in a mild form) since childhood.


Asperger's - disassociated from the world around us
Asperger's - too much chaos overloading all our senses

Asperger's feel left out and misunderstood
We'd like to be normal if only we could

Asperger's - find it hard to interact with other people
Asperger's - feel excluded and do not feel the are equal

To be individual is seen as a sin
And that's why we find it so hard to fit in

Asperger's - need support and all the help that we can find
Asperger's - all we want is just a little peace of mind

Here is another one, Meltdown, something that affects all AS individuals and this is my experience of it.


Head's warming up
And I'm feeling the heat
In a climate of anger and fear
Half the heat in your body
Is lost through the top of your head
Yet inside my skull my brain is being deep-fried
In hot boiling acid
As if my very thoughts were heating
And then eating themselves

The pressure in this cooker is getting too much
It's going to implode then explode

The hairs on the back of my neck rise one by one
As the mad spark of fury randomly ignites them
And my forest of hair becomes a raging inferno
Corroding my soul, destroying everything it touches,
Destroying me.

And this final one, to send this online poetry collection off with a bang:

This Is Who I Am

My name is Alain English
I come from Aberdeen

The darkest and the strangest
Scottish poet ever seen

Growing up in Aberdeen
It felt a little foolish

To have a Scottish accent
With a name like Alain English

I grew up disadvantaged
In a vulnerable position

I have a disability
An autistic condition

In my head I felt alive
Like I could be a hero

In real life things were different
My social skills were zero

I tried to hide it acting hard
Instead I looked a fool

And brought myself humiliation
Shame and ridicule

The bullying that I deserved
Would send me home in tears

To this day I still can hear
Their laughter in my ears

The lovely girls I knew at school
Would make me happy dreaming

But when I tried to make a move
The girls would run off screaming

I can't say that I blame them
I'm a voyeur and a freak

I'm stupid and self-centred
I'm childish and I'm weak

But I possess a power inside
For poetry sublime

For verbal pyrotechnics
And dark, disturbing rhyme

I can show you other worlds
Both terrible and magical

Be romantic and hilarious
Provocative and political

You can take me, you can leave me
I don't give a damn

This is my identity
This is who I am

That's all from me, folks. Take care all of you.



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Yogesh Pawar

Sat 21st Apr 2012 14:52

I have Aspergers Syndrome, i feel the same.

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clarissa mckone

Wed 3rd Dec 2008 03:13

Hey Alain, Nice work, I have heard of Asperger's, but never really knew what it was. So its a form of autisum? Well I think your doing well really.All people learn at different levels, you look to be about my sons age.I think you have a gift for writting and should keep doing it. Its the holidays and not many pass by here then. But keep up the good work, and never worry what others think.

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