Some Times I Change My Mind

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 Sometimes I change my mind,
but mostly just the direction.
I think I’ll run into the woods, the next time I’m menstruating
and devour some wolves.
Or throw cotton balls at the Willamette river,
just to see how truly absorbent they are.
I’ll make a contest of it,
like the ol' school one's of "how many jelly beans are in this jar?",
only with cotton.
Then I’m gonna try and float on a leaf in a large puddle,
and really try this time.
Or maybe I’ll sew all of the cracks in the earth back together with dental floss,
cause it really does makes for a very strong thread.
and well..., I know that I could do it, if I just tried a lot harder.
Maybe I’ll just bite a stranger for no good reason,
and tell them, my father was a Venus fly trap and my mother was,
just trapped.
Covered in a million bandages and gobs of Elmer’s glue half dried and peeling,
You'll watch me creek down your broken bulb corridors and expose every

 terrible nerve you got left.
sometimes I change my mind,
but mostly
just the direction.

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Barbi Touron

Mon 20th Feb 2012 18:46

Your right, I guess these are conversations, I've never really thought about it. I've just been holding a lot in my whole life (things I've wanted to tell people or hell just scream out for no god damn reason)and I guess for me this is the easiest way to say all the things bouncing off the walls inside of me. I think it can be confusing to a reader, but I hope not. i'm trying to make it more coherent and still be me, but editing is seeming quite tricky. Best Wishes

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Laura Taylor

Mon 20th Feb 2012 10:20

You have a truly original voice - I've not read anything quite like these pieces. There's an almost conversational feel to them, and it REALLY works.

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