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An unusual approach, and one to be welcomed perhaps: poems can be previously published and submitted simultaneously elsewhere in this interesting Templar competition.  This means you can submit your previously-self-published work. A rarity.

It has long irked our huge online community of poem-sharers that poetry publishers will often only consider previously-unpublished work; and consider online sharing and peer discussion – such as here on Write Out Loud – to be ‘publication’. So, let’s hear it for Templar's enlightened approach!

Pitch your collection of 18-24 pages, 40 lines per page maximum by the May 7th deadline. Three winners get £250, their work published in individual perfect-bound pamphlets, chance for further publication, a launch at the Derwent poetry festival, and other benefits. Read the full details.

Note that there is a submission fee of £18, but of course this is for a collection, not a single poem. Oh, and it’s £2 extra for online submissions. This sounds to us like a serious opportunity. Go for it!

Photograph is of artist's corner, Matlock.

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Freda Davis

Wed 22nd Feb 2012 13:47

Can anyone disentangle for me the meaning of this, in the submission guidelines?

" along with a choice of the anthology Octopus or an issue of Iota with a pamphlet."

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Freda Davis

Wed 22nd Feb 2012 12:01

Going back to Harry's comment, as I read it the limit here is on the number of pages, not the length of the poems I think.

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Greg Freeman

Sun 19th Feb 2012 02:18

Thanks Freda. The link in the news item should work now. Greg

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winston plowes

Sat 18th Feb 2012 22:35

Freda. Thx yes that works for me. Win

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Freda Davis

Sat 18th Feb 2012 22:26

Link for rules

The poetry must be original work, may have been published in magazines, anthologies and other media; but must not published before as part of a pamphlet or full collection.

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Freda Davis

Sat 18th Feb 2012 22:21

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Harry O'Neill

Sat 18th Feb 2012 16:31

Concerning competitions in general...does anyone know of any competitions where they actually invite (or don`t ban) the entry of longer poems...I mean over the old fifty or sixty line mark?

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winston plowes

Sat 18th Feb 2012 16:29

1) Yes, link Broken
2) Yes, Some. But actually a minority of compettions or submission guidelines for journals / magazines etc consider blog style forums like WOL as 'published work' where an editorial process in involved before your work is shown on an online location that almost always IS considered as 'published'

Its worth saying also that all publications and competitions have there own guidelines and rules and some leave quite a bit of interpretation to the writer and are not fully clear.


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Graham Sherwood

Sat 18th Feb 2012 15:06

I'm afraid the "Read the full details" link doesn't work.

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