1 Dis easy

When he him rung up dream by night

lightening remembs one under the skull mome.

Small yeared

Then scripscrap little kick scratchles in the attic

beded brough to the stairs in every way til

furshinned weary what with the shadows?

mustabeenfive or six taily muscles roving mus musculus

play the Jacobsons Organ

overpure preputial

vomeronasally interuptured clung footed

when he him struck down the skip

musculus with minis takes a chewpeak ankle

then goodbye with a stick to him and the rest

hello to skin never seen againend

to them

"knock knock"


Doc nodds watch to clocks off then gone

he him leaves in slippers for the clinic.

psst....sore throat vomit sickling gurgles of evening basins.

hurt more

sensedeformed temporare paralysis but winning

stupor recover welcome to hate

musculus and fur of plague

And then tomorrow.

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Anthony Emmerson

Mon 6th Feb 2012 17:54

Liked this Kealan, it's clever. Reminds me of Anthony Burgess - "A Clockwork Orange" and David Mitchell - "Cloud Atlas" with its inventive use of language. Good to read something different.


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