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They all crash and burn

One by one

They fall

Like black doves

In flames, little dots over Normandy

Scraping through clay skies.

In each dream

A real man.

The black and white


sharpens up the contrasts

Of their edges

But Now they


And flick fast past my eyes 

Until in technicolour

There is no grey

Just  hues of the everyday

Where there is a reason for everything

and no reason to die 

Taking to the skies

stops making sense

And when another falls

The logic of the sensory is desensitised

I will never  live easy with these lies

All men crash and burn

In various disguise.

Its ok

They dont have any feelings.

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Rachel Bond

Mon 30th Jan 2012 12:55

thanks both x

a soldier is a great metaphor for a man struggling to be that. i was brought up with soldiers and war. my dad, my brother i thought you could hit them with anything and they would never bleed. i still cannot stand to see a man cry. i like the idea of being a man. i like the idea of living in a loveless world of logic and control.

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Mon 30th Jan 2012 08:53

Hi Rachel, I agree with Stella, this is a very strong poem and for me, it speaks volumes about bitterness. Men do have feelings though, but in the field of conflict they have to cover them up, discard them. it is sad they are expected to do this but that's how it is. Nevertheless the metaphor i read into this is a good one.

keep well and be safe and warm this winter.

best wishes



stella jones

Sun 29th Jan 2012 18:02

Strong Rach..I enjoy the way you go with your feelings on different subjects..true to this :)

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