On Misunderstanding Each Soul


On Misunderstanding Each Soul



So why do you lower your head?

Where and what is the danger in truth?

Perhaps within yourself you have a quarrel

That goes unsaid,

A deep meaningful request

Just to be understood but,

Dancing along to others conventions

Is not freedom,

It is not what you are compelled to do

But you do it anyway!


How many are living this lie?

How many secretly wish to die

Rather than go through life

Faking it’s all going to be alright

When you know,

Know within your heart

That the life you are living is not;

Your life!


Rather than state your case

Just to be acknowledged,

You run like sheep fearing

The inquiry to be,

Just fallacy of how you really are,

And you’re following lines

That make people unhappy but

You smile as your dreams

Go walking by to

A flat, unleavened grave!


We forget,

Forget that we are all,

Despite our collective name,


We forget too, that many

Feel the same but are just too

Too tired and uneasy about

Stating the truth,

The truth that,

This is no longer a life

That many would care to live

And I am amazed,

That suicide is not

In action more popular

Than its thoughtful wish,

And we fear a God but not I,

For God seems so contemptuous of man,


Hope gets us singing the songs

That promote TV shows,

And not one of us walking,

Can truly say we’re alive!


Michael J Waite 2nd of December 2011. 

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