How Many


                                                How Many


     I wore a British Soldier’s Uniform,

And adorned all facets of pride defending the crown,

A proud young man of just seventeen when I joined,

Serving in ignorance and innocence a country that

Was my whole World,

Then you clowned all over my heart!


I shared my barracks upon Yorkshires Moors

With the Murdered in Ireland for the world to witness –

And my instructor’s gunned down at the top of a mast,

My corps bears the brunt of blame

For Arnhems mistake though the Generals

Seeking glory be the real conspirators of traps.


     I took the Oath of Alleigence to Her

Majesty the Queen though couldn’t read at the time,

Having endured my life on

Estates running gauntlets of violence,

And after seven years of hell – my youth robbed

Of its bloom,

     You accuse me of rape just for blood

Of your sport,

Rape that I never knew.


You experimented on me,

Then you try take my liberty away

To conceal what you’ve done,

You may as well My dear Queen

Have pulled the trigger of the Gun;




How many innocent ex soldiers are sat behind bars?

When the rape of their life be all yours,

How many Para’s have you murdered in cells,

How many soldiers quietly bumped off

As you defend yourself as carrying out the duty of law,

Law that is no longer presented by God or the People –

And I’m asking,


When MONSTER be the all you’ve become.


     You fucked up my life C I D,

You fucked up my life accusing me of rape,

But then,

     It’s the all I now expect, from the Headlines

You make as you gain another million

From PTS claims,

     While soldiers are losing their lives.


I believed in this country before you did

What you did,

I even believed in the boys in blue,

Now in truth Rape’s committed

By this police run state,

By the very protectorates of her majesties rules.


Michael J Waite 16 November 2011.




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