Born to greatness.

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 Lost for words as I try to compose,

like the greats before me.

An ode of purpose.

Alongside me will they ever be, or me

alongside them.


Striving to be a creator of positive terms as these beats and words churn within me like butter.

Viscous. Velvety.

The only thing to do with this dairy delight is to spread it,

upon the bread of female stance.

See at a glance,

"this is a man's world" but what would  there really be "without a woman, or a girl"?

The bread is the earth,

and the butter is the word of a woman, loud, proud.

Baring breast to show patronage to the sufferage.

Still no equal pay to this day?

No longer will we spread our thighs on beds of lies,

and be penetrated by anyone we do not choose, and we will not lose the battle against the rape of our rights.

Fuck amenity, etiquette, delicate approaches,

while his law encroaches our homes and careers, born of his own insecurities, fears.


Women died.

For our presence to be seen and heard.

For us to never be deterred by the misogynistic ways.

If I was bred in those days,

would I?

Throw myself under a horse, of course i would want to speak out.

No doubt, but could I?

Cobbled streets, smog, a fog of vast influence, stood upon a soap box.

Can a white rabbit out smart a sly fox?


Thus this courage we inherit.


As women we bear the weight of oppression heavy,

like the cross of Jesus, so please believe us when we say,

we will not let today or tomorrow pass without recognition of the fact,

that our voice is equal.

We are the sequel to generations of liberation.

The colossal force of feminism.

Them sisters, like me,like you.

Blueprinted a grand stage for us to express

our love, our rage, on mic or page.

So remember this.








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Sun 26th Jun 2011 09:45

Inspiring, empowering, and sets in perspective the essence of life and living. The images are very effective and moving.

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Amy Houston

Wed 22nd Jun 2011 16:50

Laura, you can post as long as you like my dear.
I am so pleased to be sharing my passion with people who appreciate the emotion behind the words.

My mum also struggled as did my Nana before her (my Grandad died at 27 leaving her with two children). I have been raised to appreciate the value of feminism and the true value of a woman's strength.Just like your mums strength Julian. This piece is about every woman who tries regardless of circumstance and I want to help other women see what a great history we have.

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Laura Taylor

Wed 22nd Jun 2011 16:11

I think this is just fantastic. I'm 43 so I remember the bad old days of the 80s when I was refused a job working on board ships for the Navy, wasn't allowed to join the local pool team (despite kicking their arses on a regular basis), wasn't allowed into back rooms in working men's clubs, got warned off trucking and told that the male truckers would not talk to me or help with roping and sheeting, wasn't allowed even to be served with a pint of beer - two halves only. All because I was a woman. Getting asked at interviews if I intended to have a baby! All small things but I just kept running into stuff I couldn't do, purely because I had a female body. Crazy.

I get so angry when I hear young women reject outright the notion of feminism, as fed to them by the media. All 'oh well we've got everything now haven't we' - no, you haven't!

Sorry for such a long post but you've touched a nerve. Great poem - I love the poetic turns, love the play, love the power. Nice one :)

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Julian (Admin)

Wed 22nd Jun 2011 15:59

Big issues for me all this. I had never heard of feminism when my mum cried for being refused a mortgage, sitting with her calculations on, literally, the backs of envelopes. She was told she would have to ask my absent father to act as guarantor - didn't give women mortgages, you see.
And then when she worked in an engineering works - heavy labour - and the men got far more money for the same job, yet she had three children to support. And then... Oh don't get me started!

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Amy Houston

Wed 22nd Jun 2011 15:42

Thanks for you comments guys.

Yes Julian it was deliberate, well spotted. You are the first person who has read this piece to pick up on what I tried to do there. Not sure if it worked. What do you think?

Ann, I am very happy to hear you are enjoying my poems.

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Julian (Admin)

Wed 22nd Jun 2011 11:53

Here, here! Superb sentiments Amy. is the word 'sufferage' deliberate or did you mean suffrage? I'd like to think the former.

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Ann Foxglove

Tue 21st Jun 2011 21:03

Well said! I'm enjoying your poems. :)

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