Killing Down the Planetarium

 Killing Down the Planetarium




Did you really think it was just;

About one’s sexual leanings?

Perhaps maybe a spat with ancient authority –

Maybe a calling for my father to

Raise his solemn head and

Gaze with morbid wonder at the dead

That walk The Earth?


            Did you think a mere entertainer from

A demon or a saviour,

Did you think?

Did you think?


            Maybe the turning of a Saint

Through subversion and coercion

And the benefit, or just plain ridicule

Of the emasculation of a Man,

Maybe, maybe,

Maybe you’re out to prove a point!

For the anointment of a sword kept

Bound in cloth for religious reasons

That undertakers – silent - fearing treason

Know you’ve misunderstood.


‘perhaps the devil in your season

Is the whipping coldly of your children,

Born innocent of time that has you gasping -

Now for air?’

            And bared, are those that through the

Wrangle of a politic, claim a higher ground

While the wise can clearly see -

The presentation of distraction.

Distraction from yourself,

Distraction from the truth!




There is a beam of rays from beyond

A distant star,

                        It is devouring each and everything

And turning cannibal the black hole of

A once magnetic Sun,

But the gun behind your suit

Is the symphony of fools that has

The bracketing of honesty firmly in its aim

And lame,

            Is the calling of the preacher toeing lines

Of insignificance - rescuing the fallen ‘said from sin,’

            They not knowing foolishly the thoughts

Behind a hidden sneering grin!


You’re laughing at your children,

You’re laughing at the hope they have to offer,

While acknowledging it’s all been done before,

            And you say with all sincerity in passing

Ignorance on each face,

                                                ‘We love our children we do,

But couldn’t eat a whole one???’


            The virus’s are now mutating,

The animals are crying for the freedom of a wood,

A jungle, an ice cap, or maybe the chance to eat

Some krill,

            But still you’re laughing in their face

While grooming all for sex crimes,

Even the ones you know were born sincerely

In the name of love,

And the foliage keeps on dropping down and

Cursing every seed,

            And now the children of sadistic thought

Have nowhere left to play,

And soon the madness that appeases your

Disgrace will allow the torrent of chaos

For we all know;

                        Soylent Green are moving in!


Michael J Waite 20th June 2011.  

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