Don't Quit


When they say you can't tell 'em why not

when they say you’re crap show 'em your hot.

Every great person has to overcome and demonstrate

The fact that they are great, only GOD can dictate, who else determines fate.

When you fall on your backside jump right back up and next time you might fall down on your crutch.

But each time you get up you'll be that bit stronger, cause you’re still drawing breath, find strength and last longer.

Like a pink Duracell bunny.

But seriously I’m not trying to be funny.

The best kind of revenge is always success. Bitterness and anger just lead to stress.

Believe in yourself cause they'll never stop hating

Brush off their stories and their fabricating.

The real failures are the ones who don't try. 

Hold on to your dreams cause one day you'll die.

Happy thoughts make you fly just ask Peter Pan.

So when they tell you, ‘you can’t’ show ‘em YOU CAN!

don't quitreal failure don't tryshow em you canyou canyou're hot

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Sun 15th May 2011 22:08

Love the message - persistence is key - so true!

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