Walking Home

If you want someone to
walk you home late at night
I would happily do it
But I do think to might
Want to consider another
if you’re scared of trouble
as when it comes to self defence
I think I might struggle
But with running away screaming
My instinctive reaction
You could count on me
for the perfect distraction
Though not likely get you
Home safe, free of harm
Think of me more as
a glorified rape alarm
It’s not that I don’t care
And don’t want to assist
Just getting home in one piece
Is near the top of my list
Of priorities tonight
So I hope you don’t mind
And understand if I follow
Just two steps behind

◄ You better watch out!

A man after my own heart ►


<Deleted User> (8730)

Wed 16th Feb 2011 15:35

Very nice poem, where is chivalry in this day and age?

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