Dear Diary...

I think she looked at me today, diary!
She did, she really looked at me.
And yesterday was the best day!
Because she spoke to me!
It wasn’t the greatest chat:
she told me that I was in her way
and of course, she was right, I was!
I stepped aside and let her on the bus.
Maybe this means she really fancies me,
it means I have a chance!
Things are looking up, diary!
We’ll be together, you’ll see!
Dear diary,
today was the worst day.
I found out she has a boyfriend
some guy called Paul.
But that’s ok; that’s fine.
She’ll break up with him soon
and I’ll be back in with a chance.
It’s just a setback, that’s all.

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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Thu 3rd Feb 2011 21:26

simple but oh so effective.SW

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Elaine Booth

Thu 3rd Feb 2011 19:51

Looking forward to hearing you read this.

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Thu 3rd Feb 2011 19:14

Ah Steve the delights of wishful thinking - who knows in this life what might happen - a classic optimist in the face of seemingly impossible odds - nice piece of creative writing this

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