And a Voice

I am not designed for life

not fit for it

I’m merely not strong enough

a weak, hopeless

pathetic template


And this dark mood

this deathly visitor

is inside me now

all the way deep

gripping my skull

cutting my thoughts

making it hard enough

just trying to breathe


So I lay here

as lost as stone

a thing neither dead nor alive

my trembling fears choking me


and a voice

one black voice

offering the final solution


‘Stay down, you’ll

never get out from under!’

it screams in my face

horrific stabbing words


So I toss and turn

me and this thing I’ve let in

this thing that I sleep with

that I’ve taken up to bed

it’s just us


and this room is

so fucking small

◄ The night comes

To my Girl ►


darren thomas

Tue 8th Feb 2011 11:36

This is good. A well travelled subject but you can feel the sentiment and sincerity. Your other stuff is good too.

stella jones

Mon 31st Jan 2011 23:29

very vivid..very good. :)

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kealan coady

Mon 31st Jan 2011 18:58

i respect this poem to the bones. Dark real beautiful.

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