La dee da dee da

People questioning things

People explaining things

People thanking people

People praising people

People joking

People not joking

People arguing

People being nice

People being obnoxious

People being clever

People being stupid

People being selfish

People posting, people posting, people posting

People disappearing

People re-appearing

People searching for answers

People drowning

Invisible people drowning

La dee da dee da

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chris yates

Sun 13th Feb 2011 10:48

people people who's anybody anyway just people people who p*** us off ha ha love it xx

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Elaine Booth

Tue 25th Jan 2011 23:20

A microcosom of life - this is what we are but the poem is great in making us stop and ask the question - what am I doing, really?

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Mon 24th Jan 2011 06:36

I love the sentiments conveyed in this, Isobel...
So true!

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Gus Jonsson

Sun 23rd Jan 2011 18:50

It might well have been how you were feeling at that dated moment in time but Isobel get right off the fence ... yeah yer so right
Poets drowning
Invisable Poets drowning

Well done Isobel
Gus xx

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Sun 23rd Jan 2011 14:06

It made me laugh! I find it's often the attitude of people on any site, not just this, that is all about me me me and they don't give anything, except to curry favour, which isn't really giving, it's trying to take. It should be about the poems themselves but the way some people skim over lesser known people without commenting or encouraging (if it's deserved) is pretty nauseating.

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Sat 22nd Jan 2011 16:43

Ha - I did think about something along those lines Paul - that was the only thing missing.

The poem is about WOL weariness, which can quite often mirror world weariness. It isn't a good poem but it reflects quite well how I was feeling on Friday 21st January at 10.00 pm. :)

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Sat 22nd Jan 2011 11:50

if people keep posting - where's all my F***ing mail??
the post office are shite. this about people then ?

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Paul F Blackburn

Sat 22nd Jan 2011 11:27

people self-publicising

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Dave Bradley

Sat 22nd Jan 2011 07:43

I agree with Steve. It's the nature of the electronic world that people become invisible more easily than in the 'real' physical world. A powerful, raw poem. The beat goes on, it sweeps us up, but every now and then a different mood comes along, and we stand aside and ask what is happening to people

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