New Year Wishes


As the bells chime out again for New Year,
we'll aim to be with that someone dear
to clink our glasses while we drink a toast,
to all those whose love we value most.

And as we drink their health and bless,
our friends and families with soft caress,
let us extend our thoughts to the many more,
that we may never come to know or yet adore.

For all around us are those that we see not,
passing figures on the street or in some shop,
of whose lives we know so little it's true,
but still they may have some import to you.

For we speak to many just on the phone or net,
through business or pleasure do we serve them yet,
not knowing if their lives are lived close by or far,
though this world is shrinking by the light of our star.

Send our good blessings out to each and to all,
be they Presidents or the staff in the mall,
all are still our sisters and our brothers,
wish them as well as we do to our lovers.

December 31st 2010

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Ann Foxglove

Sat 1st Jan 2011 15:39

Happy New Year Dave. Lovely sentiments! Nice to have you back around the place! ;-)

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Dave D Poet Rhumour

Sat 1st Jan 2011 13:17

Cheers folks, let's hope 2011 will be used to bring about positive changes in our world :)

ATB Dave

Janet Ramsden

Sat 1st Jan 2011 11:51

I agree with Steve and Isobel.
Nice one for the new year and all the very best to you :-)

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Sat 1st Jan 2011 02:45

And a Happy New Year to you Dave. What a lovely first poem for 2011!


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