How not to write an essay

I've just started uni (how grown up is that?!) and my weekly essay deadline is 6 O'clock every Thursday. This is what I was thinking at about 2pm last Thursday but in Haiku form ...


Five hundred words done

Twenty Five hundred to go

For 6pm. Shit!

◄ Those who can

You better watch out! ►


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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Sat 18th Dec 2010 22:27

how dare you have thrown eggs at our future queens car-and missed! lol!

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Sat 6th Nov 2010 23:54

Thought I'd check if you put anything on here.

This is a very amusing haiku, last minute-ism is underated :p

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Anna McCrory

Thu 28th Oct 2010 17:47

Thank you, advice taken - it did not make for a fun afternoon :) I'd never written a haiku before but for some reason then seemed as good a time as any!(I made my deadline by the way)

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Julian (Admin)

Wed 27th Oct 2010 22:36

A bit of advice, Anna. if you have to write essays of 3,000 words each, practising by writing Haikus will be of little help, as entertaining as your haiku is!
Best of luck.

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