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The beginning is timid,

time has not any limit,

magic movements are slow,

we dance the tango of love.

            It’s the music of feelings,

            bliss and passion revealing,

            dance of flight and explosion

            of hidden love.

The beginning is timid

and is not so vivid,

then it turns into wild

and grasping dance.

            We go deep into music.

             plunge ourselves into tango,

             flow together in movements,

             in the rhythms of love.

You throw down the gauntlet

and I gently accept it,

then resign or surrender

as I love to be flown.

              Your glance strikes like a dagger,

              then it looks like a beggar,

              then it turns into covert

              and looks aside.

Step, three more…and I wonder

if the next step a thunder

or it will slightly blow

just like a breeze.

              Glamour rhythms of tango,

              languid music of passion,

              I am out of fashion

              and lose my head.

Our thoughts and emotions

on the verge of explosion,

on the verge of insanity

of crazy love.

              We danced tango of passion,

              Which is out of fashion,

              We turned time to eternity,

              To the beauty of love.


              Larisa R (Odessa, Ukraine)




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Larisa Rzhepishevska

Wed 20th Oct 2010 13:42

Music for this tango was written be Polish composer Jerzy Petersburski. The original text tells the story of a young man who was in love. But the girl favored him over another man who was rich. So, the guy asked her to come for the last rendezvous on Sunday. In Russia this tango was very popular at the end of 1930th and the text was not connected with the original one. Polish tango - To ostatnia niedziela.(That last Sunday) Russian - Утомленное солнце (The tiresome sun) Now I've written my words in English.
I would like to thank Steve and Ann for the comments. I used to dance tango but it was long time ago.
With warmest wishes, Larisa

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Ann Foxglove

Wed 20th Oct 2010 12:48

I really like this Larissa, lots of energy in it! And some lovely phrases. Do you dance the tango? xx

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