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The wisdom to know indifference


‘We’re in this


chortled the bloated sweater

in his buttonless cardy,

spurting twenty sober years

into my twenty dry minutes

A moistening newbie, 

taking one small step for


manipulative addicts

one giant leap

to a slipper print

in the quick drying cement

of the AA’s garden path,

just eleven more to the

promised land

of grey tea and

Styrofoam cups.


My name is


and I’m talking bollocks.


The circle circuited

school chairs a second time,

units, divorces, police, pools of piss

spreading under park benches.

Fermented stories of

demented glories

made me walk

straight to Mr. Patel’s Booze Bargains

and a police cell,

my life on the brink

of falling


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Ann Foxglove

Wed 20th Oct 2010 14:13

It was great to meet you at the WOL weekend. Good stuff, keep on poeming! xx

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Laura Taylor

Tue 19th Oct 2010 09:59

Some great lines in this. I love "Fermented stories of
demented glories"

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Larisa Rzhepishevska

Mon 18th Oct 2010 23:37

I don't see any wisdom in the indifference.

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Louise Fazackerley

Mon 18th Oct 2010 22:40

i love this. it's a fine poem. in fact it's the best thing i've read for a while. i personally would prefer apart on the top line- i don't think it needs- to be physically apart and again unkind is nicer sat next to manipulative- makes the play on mankind easier. and probably again- you really lovely last line can be 'falling together' i think you've spaced the emphasis for reading out loud. it's cool.

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Michael Scott

Mon 18th Oct 2010 19:13

This is the poem I read on Saturday night at the fantastic Big Weekend. Thanks to everyone who organised it. Aren't poets great?!

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