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Rodney Wood

Mon 28th Feb 2011 14:15

I'm a little late catching up with my reading. Thanks for this.

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Mon 11th Oct 2010 07:12

Thanks for this Anthony - it confirms a lot of what I think. I don't go in for anything that asks money off me. I like the buzz of performing - that's enough for me. There are very many scams around. By and large, people like to see their stuff in print. If it all gets published after the competition they will buy the book. I have seen such books and they are full of tosh. It just amazes me that people don't see that they are being had. The fact that they don't must mean that such entrepreneurs are tapping into a need within the market....In some ways it is a shame though. It makes the likes of me highly critical and indifferent to poetry competitions. I guess there must be some genuinely good ones out there.

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Dave Bradley

Sun 10th Oct 2010 22:33

Fascinating. It all sounds so intense, I'm sure we have more fun here. Thanks for posting this Anthony. When are you going to post something of your own? You are missed.

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Ann Foxglove

Sun 10th Oct 2010 21:28

Really thought provoking. I hate competitions! But then I'm obviously a big loser! ;-)

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