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On the Border of Heaven and Hell

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On the border of heaven and hell

I live quite well playing the bell.

I lived like this a long time ago.

Though my soul doesn’t know the word NO.


I live a simple and ordinary life,

I sometimes love, and sometimes I strife.

But one day I’ll come to you like an actor,

For you to recognize yourself.


While my heart wounds subside

The horrible dramas preside.

It happened in me, not on the scene

Or in someone’s horrible dream.


And if my life is a big stage

This stage is my life’s page.

And this is my main prize today.

Please, stay with me in my quiet bay.


I dare to say some words for an encore.

But I can’t live my life for an encore.

I was so brilliant because …

I was evil and sometimes good.

It all depended on my mood.


That mysterious story

It brought me to the glory.

That glory blinds but not warm.

It doesn’t help to overcome the storm.


© Larisa Rzhepishevska




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