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Just a backup plan

In the shadows of his twisted desires,

He did not lose her, but pushed her away,

A deliberate act of cruel betrayal,

Disrespecting her wishes, mocking her dreams,

Forcing tears to fall for all she held dear.


He did not release her, but forcibly cast her aside,

Taunting her with his callous friends,

Their covetous eyes hungering for her compliance,

To serve as a pawn in their heartless game,

But she refused to bend, to be their pawn,

Their schemes unraveling as she stood tall.


She did not choose to depart for another's embrace,

Nor seek solace in fleeting distractions,

Enduring their taunts of unwavering loyalty,

Enduring the flames of their scornful laughter,

Until the day she saw her own radiant worth,

Shattering their deceptions, breaking free.


She was not a rejected soul, but a kept backup plan,

A pawn in their game of manipulation,

Yet she chose to walk away, to find her own path,

To reject the chains of their wicked intent,

Embracing a higher love, a purer light,

Choosing liberation, choosing peace.


In the end, she was not lost but found,

By the grace of a greater love, a divine presence,

For she chose God over all else,

In a dance of freedom and redemption,

No longer bound by the darkness of deceit,

But basking in the radiance of her own truth.


◄ The crashing


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leon stolgard

Fri 12th Apr 2024 13:57

A really brilleant read 👍

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