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Aeolus Endecasillabo

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We have never/ had sex/ in a car/ or a train/

We have never/ made love/ on an aeroplane/

We’ve had sex/ in the shower/, for less/ than an hour/

We washed/ away pain./


We have/ always made/ love in the sun/, the wind,/

On white/, snow-capped slopes/ amidst/ the pouring rain/

We didn’t care/ for a bed/, we did not mind/

We were/ swept away./


In a moment/ of pleasure/, we were lost/ to

The world/ of nature/ around us/, lost to the

Moment/ within us/, found in the space/ we’d made,/

Not an hour/ wasted./


In a/ duck’s-down duvet/ we were carried away/

In a stream/ of surrender/ we scrambled hard/

We need/ not pretend/ that now,/ reaching/ the end/

The passion/ had died./


Some people/ don’t swim against/ the tide of time/

When their time/ runs out/, the hour-glass turns/ around/

We have/ just time/ to boil an egg/, not long enough/

To kiss/ and make love./


Who was ever/ born to live/ forever wild/?

Forever free/, a freely born/ feral child?/

Who was born/ to live so long/ and/ when wound down/

In death’s arms/ to drown?/


We were/ born to live/ in the moment/ they say/

Whether or not/ the moment/ was grisly/ or gay/

But the moment/ I sought/ only an hour away/

Now a/ watched clock/ chimes./

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