Well-beings #7

Well-beings #7


I’m seeing well-beings,

being more body conscious,

conscious of the way they look,

looking into the cosmetic mirror

as they contemplate consider,

which teeth they can reconfigure,

liposuction, face filler and a slight tummy tuck.


I’m seeing well-beings,

being mindful and meditate,

meditate into a transcendental state,

stating online rhyming couplets,

from the google guru of time,

sitting in the lotus position,

drinking an organic glass of red wine.


I’m seeing well-beings,

being mindful of what they eat,

eating plant food instead of meat,

meeting the pious vegans needs,

while the baron butcher shop bleeds,

and the global high street retailer feeds,

on the retail free fart of greed.


I’m seeing well -beings,

being addicted to mobile phones,

phones are dividing, and taking over homes,

homes, have now become our phones,

and it’s all about the data,

the mighty broadband speed creator,

and who can boost my mega bite.


I’m seeing well-beings,

being social media friendly,

friend me, follow me, trend me,

me, I can be found on Instagram,

hashtag, tweet me if you feel me,

on tic toc, you can see me,

press the button, and don’t forget to like.


I’m seeing well-beings,

being into total fitness,

fitness, fit bit, is my witness,

witness, to my ten thousand steps a day,

and the calories, they are burning,

as the weight loss targets nearing, 

rehydrate the body and don’t forget to stretch.


I’m seeing well-beings,

being tied up in our minds,

minds, that do not find the time,

time, to reconfigure, reflect and reconsider,

away from the chaos and the rigor,

the instant gratification, consumer procuring nation,

that impacts, on the well-beings, of our mind.  



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Philip Stevens

Fri 3rd Feb 2023 11:52

Not sure of the Rhythm , Billy O' Kelly, Usually, any performance as this was meant to be, has some pace in the delvery. As with Martin, your welcome to recite, perform or even pontificate...'strava slaves', you say, running club website I will have a look see....thank you.

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Uilleam Ó Ceallaigh

Fri 3rd Feb 2023 07:59

Very well expressed.
Are you able to put this on audio Stephen?

Well beings: who're actually unwell - reminding me of the "strava slaves" on the running club website.

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Philip Stevens

Thu 2nd Feb 2023 15:57

It is my thing performance, Martin, and was written with that in mind, thank you. Your are welcome to speak it and posted it. It would be interesting to hear how you hear it, if you know what I mean.

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Martin Elder

Thu 2nd Feb 2023 15:51

I think this would work particularly well as a live piece performed before an audience.

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