"Shoot a Migrant"

The cartoon in question was sent to me by an "aquaintance".


A cartoon captioned “Shoot a Migrant”,

Encouraged by the Daily Hate-mongers,

Fear and ignorance, both servant and tyrant,

A seaside “amusement” no longer,

The telescope now’s become a rifle,

Aimed at Johnny Foreigner,

An entertaining trifle,

It’s what passed for humour,

In her New Year vodka-soaked void,

That malignant pandemic of tumours,

Spreading through brain cells unemployed.

Welcome to civilised Britain!

In 2023, the Year of Our Lord,

In which this was written.



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<Deleted User> (9882)

Wed 4th Jan 2023 22:50

Sadly there will always be the sicko's in society.

👍 Uilleam

Rose 💋

Profile image


Wed 4th Jan 2023 20:06

Rightly consigned to room 101 Uilleam !

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