The comforting feel of a blued steel weapon does it every time

the solid trust you put in it.

the protection it affords

the ownership is where it starts

takes you all the way

we ain't gonna let that go, no way Jose. 


It's what we was brought up with

it's about what we won't put up with

it's a territorial thing we take up arms,

when a situation develops where others make demands,

something we take seriously wherever we go

we ain't gonna let that pass no way Jose. 


You don't get nuttin' for nuttin' in this life

you gotta recognize your God given right

you don't mess with this man no siree

I have an attitude a backup plan

i'll tolerate no punk no also ran,

we ain't gonna back down any time no way Jose. 




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Mon 5th Dec 2022 10:59

Thanks for the likes Stephen x2 and Jennifer..

Yes Graham, where will it all end? never of course.

An interesting take Uilleam. It was always very macho spearheaded by the Hollywood machine. Schools don't seem to be havens of security any more so probably not! By the way I used to love the smell of the spent caps!

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Uilleam Ó Ceallaigh

Thu 1st Dec 2022 08:53

We used to play cowboys and Indians in the school playground in the 50's. We'd chase each other around firing "cap guns". It was a right bugger when we ran out of ammo!

I wonder if that would be acceptable in today's schools-rehearsing the actual killing of another human being?

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Graham Sherwood

Wed 30th Nov 2022 21:43

Where we once used fists, now it is knives and guns with irreparable damage. We do sink slowly into the mire. Everyone is a brave nowadays!

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