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The trees are still today
Denuded of leaves 
Seemingly apprehensive.
Squirrels gather nuts - 
Against the coming storm
The big freeze will fill
The hospitals.
People seek warmth
Seal windows
Door frames
Kicking against disease
Poverty: defences disintegrate
The cold seeps in.
Dogs neglected
Left to fend for themselves.
We begin not to recognize
Any common humanity 
Just competitors
Who eat, heat, suck up bread crumbs,
Try not to collapse or sob or grow old.
Can you save me from the coming war? . 
Will the lord command we have peace and food and heat?

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Stephen Gospage

Wed 30th Nov 2022 17:21

I hope we never lose our common humanity. Being competitors will only get you so far i.e. nowhere. I still cling to the hope that people will pull together in adversity.

A powerful and important poem, John.

<Deleted User> (9882)

Wed 30th Nov 2022 11:23

holy moly! or should I say unholy moly according to the way sick society is going.

Sad to say but of the times I have heard a lot of elderly people saying that they will be glad to be out of it

I have lost count!

Rose 😢

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Uilleam Ó Ceallaigh

Wed 30th Nov 2022 08:30

The big freeze will fill
The hospitals.

And now the Tories are "gaslighting" the public.
They're threatening to send in the army to deal with the chaos they have distract from the fact that it is THEY who have put the NHS on its knees.

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