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Let the starving Irish eat their babies.
This modest proposal of Dr Jonathan Swift,
published anonymously in 1729,
displayed considerable prescience
predicting the Great Hunger
the famine, an Drochshaol.
"Black '47" was the worst year
over a million starved to death.
In the south and west - the Gaeltacht - 
where the deaths were at their worse.
this attack was  also on the Irish language
aiming to destroy Celtic culture
And so reduce the Irish to west-Brits.
With mass emigration to the USA
from the Irish-speaking west it nearly
succeeded. Previous resistance in 1798,
The United Irishmen, Wolfe Tone,
The Presbyterians of Ulster became
 Americans "in their hearts". Resistance
Climaxed in The Easter Rising of 1916.
The youngest signatory of the Proclamation of the Republic:
Forógra na Poblachta, Joseph Plunkett (aged 28 - 
Married Grace Evelyn Gifford Plunkett
in Kilmainham Gaol only a few hours
before he was murdered by the British
for his part in the 1916 Easter Rising.
Which was sold out by petty Nationalists
Éamon de Valera and The Catholic fanatics,
Blueshirts who fought for Franco in Spain
Against the Spanish republic. The idiocy
Of the 'Centic tiger'
empty-headed materialism 
Dá mhéad a athraíonn sé is amhlaidh
is mó a fhanann sé mar a chéile
Plus ça change plus ça reste le même.





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