you can breathe easy

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you can breathe easy

    loving women
    a mathematical

   code, like

"what's women?"
            unfolding from there.

            the thing you know it is.
            the thing you know it isn't.

you get to the point : when you're thinking
               ( basically )
     we're all the same!
    humanity reigns!

your lips against
   the clear light of day!
 but also the storm,
pouring down rain,

  you tilt your head up, a smile on your face
 the juice of vitality    -    life giving again.
your tongue dives deeper,
    thirsty for more
      exploding joy-whore,
         as she comes on your taste.
   eyes closed in glee,
tongue cupped to receive.

here is where you are.
right where you should be.
 she has (officially) baptised me,

fisher of women,
worshipper of she, lover of v.

               it's as simple as it was
             when you swam in the sea,
            sun rising, it's warm.
          each wave embraces your slick wet
          child's body. you're jumping and dancing.
           ecstatic peace
            at you being you and sea being sea
             and sun being sun and she being she.
              and sex being sex     
                and your face is glistening wet,
                 awash in her cum
                  everything right
                    everything bright. now.

    you can breathe easy

new era
( though old ghosts cling tight )

between her legs, holy cave of delight.
a home nestled waiting,
where all my love can reach
                             can be

not long with her, no,
there's little compatibility.
too much intensity (i can't really see)
but you know what i mean.

    she cracked me open,
    i was ready and waiting.
she felt my combusting, she needed no baiting.

    this poem, her shrine.
    i come here to bow,
     to kneel at the change
made in our
   brief house.









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