Energy flows in,

energy flows out,

like the tides

ever rising, ever falling,

the pendulum swings

back & forth,

people rejoice when it is moving

in their direction,

people weep when it moves

far to the other end.

Understanding the movement of the poles,

north & south,

understanding the turning of the globe,

east & west,

brings peace.

Bend deep like a mindful master,

open wide like an ecstatic dancer,

bow gently like a saint in prayer,

settle calmly like a babe in sleep.

Where is the open space

in the center

where all the forces meet & reconcile?

What is the stance that calms the wild winds & unwinds our tangled fears?

Look deep,

deep into the movement of the spheres--

reach the point of silence,

enter into the heart of listening,

speak with love & compassion,

we make it through,

we start anew. 

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