Al Andalusia

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Arabic spoken in Al-andalus
after 400 years of the inquisition.
Muslim houses in Bosnian villages
with crosses on display 

despite the threat of apostacy.

"And slay them wherever ye find them."

morning fresh as one –
the Buddha knew –
the flowers of the valley
the grasses of the plain
shine with the unbidden light of heaven
and nothing shall remain.

This is still the truth
no sin or retribution here.
The future aligned with heavenly ways,
these are the words of the wise - 
look at the graves.

So on auspicious or inauspicious days,
with no quarter offered, or taken,
Riot, lobby, accuse, condemn,
the faithful seek the blood of men.

shake off these shades of numerology 
live without angels, die as men.....

◄ As I rise, so will I burn

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John Marks

Tue 8th Nov 2022 23:24

Thank you Frederick, Stephen, Adam and Pete for a comment so pithy and replete. Neat. 'Brevity is the soul of wit.' Dr Samuel Johnson.

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Pete (edbreathe)

Tue 8th Nov 2022 22:17

Great !

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