Boy Racer


Some lad was doing ninety

in a forty mile an hour zone.

He passed me on a corner

In a car he clearly didn’t own!

What was the flipping hurry?

Was his stupid house on fire?

Had his brain been deprived, abruptly, 

Of a vital connecting piece of wire?

Or was he a founding member

Of a firm called ‘Morons for Hire?’


Some fool was doing ninety

In a speed restricted zone!

Such behaviour is now the norm-

The cops are all on holiday,

filling out expenses’ forms-

They’d never catch him anyway,

They’d need a rocket, I would say,

to keep up with boy racers

in their stolen souped-up cars!


Some buffoon was doing ninety,


Just like hot shot Lorimer, 

Of football fame from days of old! 

He's ignoring all the traffic cones

In a forty mile an hour zone!


Is caution now a thing of the past?

It’s not de rigueur to take one’s turn.

When young men get their daily kicks

From driving way too flipping fast!

Why will some folk never learn

Their lessons from the Highway Code?

Find your middle pedal fella

And keep death off the roads!


Some lad was doing ninety

In a speed restricted zone!



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John Botterill

Sat 5th Nov 2022 13:50

Thanks for the likes Bethany and Nigel 😀

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John Botterill

Mon 31st Oct 2022 21:54

Thanks Stephen. I really appreciate your comments! And thanks for buying and reading the book! Amazing!
Thanks too for the likes Tom and Nigel 😀

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Stephen Gospage

Mon 31st Oct 2022 21:03

This is a great poem and it's about a serious issue, as you say John. Too many half-wits on the road. Perhaps technology is the only way to slow them down.

Enjoyed your book, by the way.

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John Botterill

Mon 31st Oct 2022 12:49

Thanks for the comments Frederick and Martin. I genuinely feel that some drivers don't care! I was going for the grumpy old man humourous approach but the issue is serious, I know 👍
Thanks for the like too, Steve 😊

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Martin Elder

Mon 31st Oct 2022 09:18

Sadly those who do this will do it because they think they can and all the time they get away with it that's what they will do.
great poem

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Frederick Kesner

Mon 31st Oct 2022 07:06

Speed is a plague and it ails us all across the globe! I've been to several funerals stemming from this and what do you say, what could you say!?

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