England's Dreaming

I was telling Gareth Southgate
only this morning about
the convenience
of having my weekly 
train ticket on my phone.

He said that I had made
a sensible choice. 

He was also pleased
that I make myself a ham
and pickle sandwich for my lunch. 
Although he suggested
the occasional Scotch Egg.

We skipped down the lane to the station –
our hands were almost touching.

Gareth sniffed at the horizon,
told me that rain can appear knowing
on the days we fall in love. 
“It can be warm, cool, or lush –
a comfort inside the madness.”

I asked him about the penalties. 
He said he was trying to make a point.



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Sun 30th Oct 2022 16:35

I love the insinuations of this Ralph - how do we take it, with a pinch of salt or on draught as it were? A lot of subtlety, some irony, hero worship dashed but poignant too, and would Gareth have been as deep an observer as you. Not on the poetry front I suspect. A lovely offering!


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