Small Print

It’s the rifle-butt nature of all this:

Sit down, shut up, sign here, do as you’re told.

We talk about land grabs, but this is, well,

An extortion, of dignity and heart.

There’s a bash for the scammers in the North,

And jobs for the boys. Lot’s of them, no doubt.

Imagine this: ‘Yes, I’d love to be ruled

By the people who blew this place to bits

And killed or maimed our friends and family.’

‘Certainly, sir. Bend down, and I will kick

Your backside half way down the road for fun.’

Surprised? ‘Remember those heavies, touting

With the clipboard? It was all written down.

Hard luck, mate. You should have read the small print.’


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Stephen Gospage

Tue 4th Oct 2022 07:13

Thank you, Flyntland. Just a few days later, Ukraine is taking back a part of these territories, so the whole exercise may ultimately unravel. But at what cost?

And thanks to Nigel, Frederick, John B, Stephen, Tom, Holden and Russell for the likes.

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Sun 2nd Oct 2022 10:29

"It's the-rifle butt nature of all this"

just eight words that set the scene - the brutality - the mind destroying domination - the fading ability to resist.

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Stephen Gospage

Sun 2nd Oct 2022 10:06

Thank you very much, Greg. Yes, we must have hope and faith that the bullies will not win.

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Greg Freeman

Sun 2nd Oct 2022 10:04

Well done, Steve. Hope is the only word I can find these days. Hope that Ukraine will eventually win. Hope that the Russians will eventually kick Putin halfway down the road.

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