Hiding Behind Latin

Hiding Behind Latin



     I saw the line ‘drawn’ by another,

a line I did not agree with but,

     the line was drawn before my presence and all,

     were informed of its totality,

     for none were ever thought reasonable of challenge,

at least, so the line thought.


     I asked the jury,

     ‘who doth the line represent of human calibre?’

     they laughed at ‘human calibre’ before charging

a case to be ‘out’ at the local luncheon.


     Once upon ago, I would have joined them in

a meal with wine and beer, meditation and false sincerity,

     ‘we’re the elite of all things ‘just’ and no

measure of man, or woman, or child – can ever think themselves above,’

     at least, in my ignorance that’s how I deemed it so.


     A time then dwelled longer than evil

in helping I understand there is a multitude of

reasons between the primary of black and white,

     between what is contested and what is a value

we’re’ brainwashed as norms.


     It is without doubt, very indecent of we here

to think of perhaps a manor we call ‘norms’

as there is no way to qualify anything we do -

     ‘bares’ a standard we ‘all’ can agree with.


     I offered alternatives – perhaps in mocking

like Atticus, but theirs was a condition like a solid

brick wall limiter that had no understanding of shifting

     positions to a more fluctuating pulse of life,

     ‘life that can never ever be pigeon holed or check boxed – much

to their manic obsession if signposted and signalled.’


     I valued and hinted,

their eyes sharpened and glinted,

     for it was not the case – the jury was ‘out,’

     the falsely accused had none, no way of knowing;

     the jury was not just out but, holidaying ‘off world’

with thick wallets and purses – the bench still warm

     as the clones took up their places; the decision already ‘ordered’ -

before they were seated.


          ‘May I have a witness ole woller,

          may I have an understanding of intellectual compassion -

          the nature I am before I was ranked,

               may such a witness bare testimony to God,

                    that life here on Earth has been made null and void?’



Michael J Waite. 2nd of October 2022.

(I am now into my fourteenth week homeless here in Scotland. It is perhaps not the ‘Scot’ that considers I homeless but, an authority having no heart at all but, hate).



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