Jupiter with its boundless grace

reaches out tonight on a cold sweeping ellipse

and I see its pinprick face with supporting actors

stuck in some catastrophic race for arrival

emblazoned on a velvet curtain

closer tonight on its visit from outer space,

like any thespian it senses its moment,

the spotlight of our life - giving sun reveals it. 


From some haunted vault on an open plain

through glass there are men who know her habits

its massive turbulence, frightful fretting,

the cold shoulder of its surface,  reach out

clutching at straws of understanding. 

But it is we on the beautiful Earth who are fracturing

and though we live with greatness

our wonder is simply the fear of being alone. 





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Fri 30th Sep 2022 12:15

Frederick John and Holden, thanks all for your liking this one.

Many thanks Greg, I do my best!

That app sounds excellent Graham. This was another poem I rewrote completely and that idea came the second time. Thanks.

Thank you Massoud for your observations. I think you have touched on humility there, and the quest for wonder is a great one. So called reality seems to be a relative term depending on subjectivity or objectivity. Such a vast subject.

A lovely comment Stephen, thank you. I tried to make it seem personal.


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Stephen Gospage

Wed 28th Sep 2022 17:24

A glorious poem, Ray. Utterly compelling. 'its pinprick face with supporting actors' is memorable.

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Wed 28th Sep 2022 16:40

Could it be that with each leap forward in our expanding knowledge we diminish ourselves? Humans seem to be evolving in opposing directions...those who enhance their knowledge in matters immense feel smaller and smaller, whilst those who engorge themselves with trivia are expanding beyond their capacity for reality.

A poem as vast as its subject...I would say.

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Graham Sherwood

Wed 28th Sep 2022 10:52

Sadly Ray it was too cloudy here for us.
I have an app on my smartphone that can identify the night sky and all its wondrous inhabitants and am regularly amazed at how many planets are visible occasionally, weather permitting.

The idea of the 'star attraction coming into the spotlight is a great analogy. Always good to look up to the heavens to remind us just how insignificant we really are!

Good work, well done.


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Greg Freeman

Tue 27th Sep 2022 23:23

A beautifully crafted poem, Ray, on a big, big subject.

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