Thoughts of a pensioner plunged into poverty as she struggles to eat and heat

As rising bills through my letterbox swarm,

My main worry is the rising cost of keeping warm.

Having to cut back on meals to make ends meet,

My health is at risk unable to afford to heat !!


A torture situation arises leading to a depressive mood,

In having to choose between warmth and food.

Salades are becoming my main meal,

Rising gas prices making cooking a no deal. !!


It's very difficult not to give way to depression,

While facing the torturous effects of the recession.

I've already dipped into my savings to make ends meet,

Whilst stressing , choosing whether to eat or heat.


When the temperature drops I suffer immense pains,

Whilst the rich are rewarded with immense gains.

Started eating sandwiches for my main meals,

And online desperately hunting for food deals.


We pensioners are worried about the winter ahead,

Having to juggle between keeping warm and being fed.

Being at greater risk of starvation and stress,

Putting greater strain on our struggling N.H.S. !!


Some of us will face our last breath,

In our own homes as we freeze to death.

I wonder as I struggle to eat and keep warm,

Is  this torturous situation  going to  be the norm?


 The risk cannot be completely discounted this year,

As freezing to death becomes an escalating fear.

As winter comes the situation will get worse,

As many of us pensioners are destined for the hearse.


As more energy firms collapse,we will see a crisis,

Existing energy firms will increase their prices.

Fuel poverty numbers will rocket.

Hitting us pensioners with zero funds in our pocket !!!






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Uilleam Ó Ceallaigh

Thu 6th Oct 2022 14:30

"Putting greater strain on our struggling N.H.S. !!"

The people responsible for this state of affairs are already of course, attempting to blame the NHS's struggling on covid, and on people irresponsible enough to get old and sick.

Fact is the NHS was already quote "on its knees" when the Johnson came to power in 2019 - 2000 uk doctors wrote to him before the election and told him so.

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Sat 1st Oct 2022 08:34

A heating nightmare starts today,
The 1st of October,much more to pay !!!!!

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