I’m making up time because times been the cost.                                           I entered a maze where then I got lost                                                                         I’ve been forgiven with baptisms of fire                                                      the demons I painted made me aim higher


I’ve wasted my time over many a year                                                            It’s a certain fate that I’m still living here                                                                      I know for sure I was under a spell.                                                                    That maybe so but It’s my fault as well


I made my mistakes in the cold light of day                                                 Lord knows I made them with my dignity paid                                                 I hope in the future we all may well say                                                         that Love conquers all for all come what may                                              I’m starting afresh with a new point of view                                              back to the start to be thankful and true                                                          to all of those who have been so kind                                                         when out of my depth going out of my mind


I wish them well wherever they go                                                                  and hope that they leave the same way so                                                   In all our journeys It comes to if we find Peace                                                Peace in our hearts and Peace with our minds.



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