For the Present...

“Have you got a present for me?!

William asks with a high-pitched

Lilting rise and fall…

But I have no presents ready at all.

“You had all presents, William,

The last time you came!”


Every time he visits us,

His question remains the same.

“Have you got a present for me?”


I then considered a poetic reply,

To circumvent a potential rift.

“William, every moment is a gift.

That’s why they call it the present!”


Of course, this didn’t work at all.

“I need a present I can play with, grandad!”


At this crisis point, Granny Gail stepped in.

“There’s a magazine hidden upstairs.

It’s not just a present, William,

It’s a game of hide and seek, as well!”

Behind the door? No. Under the bed!

He brings his magazine down, presently…

All’s well that ends well,

As another William said!

◄ Be Proud!


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John Botterill

Sat 6th Aug 2022 09:45

Thanks for the likes Frederick, Clare, K. Lynn, Holden, Julie, Stephen A .,Stephen G,and Carol

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John Botterill

Fri 5th Aug 2022 21:29

Thanks Stephen, but it was mainly Gail 😂

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Stephen Gospage

Fri 5th Aug 2022 21:19

A nice team effort, John!

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