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Swallow Silence


Rest has been begging all afternoon

Soon soon soon, love.


Finally home in my top-floor abode

The end of consciousness is near


I slip into coziness and turn up the stillness

Oh love, I'm finally here...


But no.


Silence chokes 

Tranquility cracks

Obnoxious noise intrudes


I feel teenybopper bass notes incessantly Bulging up from the floor below

Boom boom boom


Then cling

Then clatter

Then unruly girly chatter


Why now? 

Why not some other unfortunate dot on the timeline of history?


Annoyance resumes 

Cursing ensues


I draft multiple complaint texts 

but fail to send 

I imagine various versions of the confrontation 


I plug my ears

Try the pillow poncho 

The madness carries on for what feels like forever


Then somehow

At some point along the way to insanity

I let bitterness surrender


My thoughts drift to an easier place

And in that moment 

The boom boom boom is replaced 

With the faint hum of my ceiling fan


Giggles and gaggles scramble out the front door 

Car door slams just below my window


Small driveway rocks rumble softly 

Into distance, engine fades


Ah love, here I am again

For real this time.


I slowly sip from reality and swish into dreams


Alas, I swallow silence



© Candice Reineke 2016







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