My Fellow Americans


we’re alone together 

in this fight 

holding onto 

ourselves despite 


centrifugal forces 

pulling us apart 

blown strands 

of cotton candy hearts


our desires have

never felt so close

our fears never  

so overdosed


we catch ourselves 

holding our own throats

hoping it’s 

just a cold


my fellow Americans 

my billion distractions

do we have a plan

are we still playing dead


that dream we have 

lives on in our heads

shining hill’s

obscured but still there 


mellow dreamlands

tainted fields of grain 

we have the technology

we can build again






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Kevin Tan

Thu 9th Jun 2022 23:03

👍 Take care

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Robert C Gaulke

Thu 9th Jun 2022 11:19


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Kevin Tan

Wed 8th Jun 2022 18:25

You are not alone. It's not 'us against the world'! How many times do we, the Dutch, have to convince everyone that we stand with you. We stand with everyone. God this drives me bonkers. I CARE ABOUT YOU

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